After 3 years of teaching hundreds of financial literacy classes in dozens of communities around the country we have realized that the need is far greater than we anticipated. We have also accomplished this with zero outside donations or grants! Have we made an impact? Yes, but we are talking only a fraction in order to really truly follow our mission to CREATE FINANCIAL LITERACY IN EVERY COMMUNITY WITH ALL PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF AGE, GENDER, OR SOCIAL STATUS.

We need your help!

We have taken our vision to a whole new level and we are creating Coffe University! This will be a comprehensive online educational platform that will meet all walks of life where they are with their current knowledge of finances and assist in propelling their understanding in a wide range of financial concepts. From basic budgeting, understanding of credit, to financial communication with your children and spouse, Coffe University will be the go to platform for financial education!

With your help, we will get this project launched!

We have determined that $300,000 will take us through all 5 phases of the program and with multiple pilot groups to aid in our development, we will be ready for an official launch in August of 2017!

Please be a part of this financial education movement by becoming a sponsor and together, Let’s Wake Up to a New Financial Future!



If you wish to donate, please click below. Every dollar helps in our mission to spread financial literacy. Thank you for your donation!